At Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery Service, our company culture revolves around a set of guiding values that our team members live by every single day. These eight values are the core of our culture, our team, and the service we provide. Whether it’s in our interactions with customers, carriers, or each other, these values hold true in everything we do. They are the cornerstone of our culture and the reason we are so vibrantly and refreshingly different from our competitors.

We can set you up with a customs broker, provide you with the opportunity to transfer your shipments to other modes of transportation if necessary, and help you with the customs clearance of your imports and exports, whether they’re by land, air, or sea.

We install, maintain and repair physical security equipment: record vaults, vault and vault doors, under counter steel, night deposit safes, cash safes, safe deposit boxes, drive up windows, commercial deal drawers, tube systems, time locks, access control systems and manual dial and electronic combinations.

The complicated nature of international freight shipping means it’s easy for a mistake on the invoice to cost you a lot of unnecessary money and frustration. We’ll review the paperwork to make sure you’re only paying what you have to.

Having access to customs-bonded storage means you can store your shipment for a period of time before or while it’s being cleared by customs. This gives you much more flexibility if something goes awry with your shipment or you need more time for the shipment to be cleared.


Technology 95%
Technology 95%
Dedication 88%
Committment 91%
Timely 91%

We take the mystery out of freight and shipping costs—one of the largest expense items for almost every company the world over. Even in today’s world, most companies have only the general ledger to analyze their shipping costs. Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery Service removes the veil to expose unwanted fees, find optimization potential, and create real transportation cost modeling. Your freight and shipping margin will never be the same—in a very, very good way. Technology drives our success with real-time shipping analytics and in-house parcel audit and freight audit capabilities. Our Microsoft Gold-Certified technology team of more than a dozen engineers utilizes cutting-edge design techniques and gathers user feedback to create a world-class Web experience.