Welcome to Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery

Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery Service develops comprehensive freight forwarding, project logistics and relocation service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. This is accomplished by learning customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery Service will provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market.
Our tried and proven multi modal transportation routes within UK and and around the Globe ensure international reach whatever your cargo/consignment and time frame is. As the preferred supplier for various Fortune 500 companies and the first point of contact to increase supply chain efficiency in the UK and around the globe, we are very proud of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.

Our company focuses on large-scale shipments overseas, We ship to all ports worldwide,Our container shipping rates are amongst the most competitive on the market! With customer service representatives and offices across the globe, we are here to service you. With the support of our partners around the world, we do door to door and port to port deliveries, as well as custom clearances. There is no doubt we are the best choice in International Cargo Transportation, providing the very best in reliable, personalized and fast service to each of our customers. You can trust we make your precious cargo, our precious cargo!

We take the mystery out of freight and shipping costs—one of the largest expense items for almost every company the world over. Even in today’s world, most companies have only the general ledger to analyze their shipping costs. Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery removes the veil to expose unwanted fees, find optimization potential, and create real transportation cost modeling. Your freight and shipping margin will never be the same—in a very, very good way.

Our Mission Statement

We deliver creative logistics solutions through a dynamic mix of human ingenuity and innovative technology, enriching the lives of those we serve.


At Atlantic Parcel Air Delivery Service, our company culture revolves around a set of guiding values that our team members live by every single day. These eight values are the core of our culture, our team, and the service we provide. Whether it’s in our interactions with customers, carriers, or each other, these values hold true in everything we do. They are the cornerstone of our culture and the reason we are so vibrantly and refreshingly different from our competitors.